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The Panayotis Agelarakis Scholarship is a fund for anthropology student research.

Undergraduate research is a unique experience at Adelphi, and scholarships, to a large degree, fund such opportunities. Since its founding, Adelphi has provided academic scholarships to outstanding young men and women from diverse backgrounds, in the many disciplines available for study; currently, the University provides more than nine million dollars in scholarships.

Anthropology students at Adelphi are eligible for the Panayotis Agelarakis Scholarship, named in honor of the late father of Professor Anagnostis Agelarakis, PhD, an expert in anthropological archaeology and forensic anthropology. Each year, this award recognizes the scholarly achievements and merits of undergraduate research. Recipients of this award, through their national research profile, contribute to the strength of the Anthropology Department.

About Professor Anagnostis Agelerakis

Professor Agelarakis, an archaeologist and expert in forensic anthropology, joined Adelphi University in 1990, and has worked hard to enhance and rebuild the forensic component of the Anthropology Department. The University has witnessed the fruits of his labor: nearly one hundred of Prof. Agelarakis’ undergraduate students have been nationally recognized for their research in forensics and physical anthropology, with more than sixty-five papers published in local, regional and national peer-reviewed journals.

Opportunities to work with professors like Anagnostis Agelarakis are rare, even at the nation’s top research universities. In his Adelphi laboratory, students are involved with research endeavors relative to projects from Thailand, S.W. Asia, Israel, Cyprus, and Greece, and often accompany him on his research trips abroad.

One of these projects involved the study of what may be the ancient remains of Athenian soldiers killed in a battle during the first years of the Peloponnesian War fought against the Spartans and their allies, as recorded by the historian Thycidides. These charred remains were discovered in 1997 during the renovation and construction of an historic landmark building in Athens. The bones were brought to Adelphi during the summer of 1999 for in-depth analysis by Professor Agelarakis and his research team. Professor Agelarakis was chosen by the Greek Archaeological Service to conduct this study, and students in the program were able to gain hands-on experience conducting real-world research.

Support the Scholarship Fund

If you would like to support student research in the Department of Anthropology, you can donate to the Agelerakis Scholarship Fund online using a credit card. Or, you can send a check to the Office of University Advancement to the address below:

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Please be sure to include Agelerakis Scholarship Fund in the memo area of your check or enclose a note if you prefer.
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